Reblog: Dr. Temple Grandin – The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

So grateful that Dr. Temple Grandin is out there educating people about autism and the value of neurodiversity. I think she gives some great advice around what parents and educators should be doing to engage children on the spectrum.

Recommended Reading: How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s


It seems like I’ve been reading up a storm ever since my son was diagnosed with autism, trying to find out as much as a I can about what it all means and what I can do to support him.

One of the biggest areas in our life that needs work is with life skills. We’ve struggled our way through potty training and learning other activities of daily living.  So a few months ago, I decided to read a book specifically about teaching life skills to children on the spectrum and that’s when I discovered the book, “How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s” by Jennifer McIlwee Myers.

I highly recommend this book for a few reasons. First of all, Mrs. Myers is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and describes herself as an “Aspie at Large.” She gives some solid insights into this topic from the perspective of someone who understands what it’s like to be on the spectrum and trying to learn life skills. She helps put you in your child’s shoes.

She also has some really good ideas around what caregivers can do to be more effective in their communication with kids on the spectrum and I think this was one of my biggest takeaways that I continue to use every single day when talking with my son.

All-in-all a great read and worth your time!

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