Biomedical Options: Ordering a Hair Elements Test

This week I’m gonna spend some time posting about alternative autism therapies we’ve been looking into. Many of which fall under the “biomedical” umbrella…a topic that can sometimes be controversial in the autism world. defines biomedical treatment for autism as “a systematic approach to treating the underlying issues of autism inside the body. Biomedical treatment is managed by a physician and is individualized to the patient’s particular ailments. Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of autism.  Biomedical treatment addresses the root cause.” Some examples of biomedical treatments would be dietary changes (gluten free casein free diet), healing gut issues through supplementation, and detoxification through methods such as chelation, etc.

Just to be clear – I am NOT an advocate of chelation therapy and you will never see me posting about that subject on this blog. It is a potentially dangerous treatment and one we have decided is NOT right for our family. Always talk with your doctor before trying any new therapy/treatment for your child.

I first became interested in the biomedical path because both my son and I developed gut issues after his birth. We are looking into supplementation that might help us heal those issues. We are also doing the  Hair Elements Test that is done by Doctors Data. This tests for toxic metals and other essential elements in the body.

I’m mainly interested in this hair elements test because, prior to moving out-of-state, we lived in an old house with lead soldered plumbing pipes. We also had well water with elevated manganese levels. I’ve often wondered if either one of those issues may have had an influence in my son’s development and eventual autism diagnosis.

Completing the hair elements test was very easy. The hardest part was getting my kid to sit still long enough for me to snip hair samples from 5 or 6 sites on his head. The hair samples needed to be at least an inch long and collectively must weight a total of .25 grams. Don’t worry, a paper scale is included in the sample kit and will tell you if you’ve cut enough hair. Once you’ve got your sample together, you seal it in the provided bag, and ship it back for testing.

I’m excited to see how the hair elements test results come back and if some of the known issues with our prior home will show up on the test. I will definitely come back and update you guys once we have the results in hand.

Thanks for reading!