Results Are In – Hair Elements Test

(This is my second post about the hair elements test – go here and read my initial entry if you haven’t already.)

So the results of the hair elements test are in! Sharing this on the blog so you guys have an idea of what results can look like. Obviously, I removed the personal information from the form.

I haven’t had a lot of time to analyze this information, but was happy to see there was no lead or mercury listed. By running this test, I wanted to put to rest my fears around lead poisoning.

Manganese came back “too high”; however, I’m not sure I can trust a hair test result to be accurate on that and will likely look into getting a different kind of test to get another reading on manganese levels. The tap water where we live is not drinkable and is very hard water. I bet it’s high in manganese and led to external buildup on his hair which could have thrown that test off into the red.

Definitely planning to go through these numbers and talk to the doctor about some of the scribbles and get some ideas around safe supplements that might help improve our essential element values.


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